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Khamis, 11 Februari 2016

Note #88

Note #88

In the name of Allah who has no flaws.

Coincidentally, the entry number is close to 'ong'. It's late, but nevertheless, Happy Chinese New Year folks.

I am now actively into business. I do dropship and I have my brand named Poketto Clothing (find us on instagram and facebook). Until i jumped into this world, I never know how hard it is to start a business, to start, to get people know you, to get customer. I never really know even when i'm close to business. I did years of observation just to know what channel do we have for marketing, what is the purpose of this and that at very shallow level, and that was enough to give me courage to produce something for my clothing brand. But one cannot just start and success in a blink of eye. If they did, it's almost miracle and they have all the luck on their side, if they are the commoners like me. Celebrity doing this kind of business is something else, they are known, they have ready buyers, they have huge network and platform. But for a commoner who was an almost hikikomori, getting to know people alone is a pain.

My chronology of doing business is odd, but it's okay, I just have to keep up with all of it. With the support from families, I get some prospect, some customers which are pretty good for beginners. Their trust on me really moved me. In this kind of world, you have no one to push you or say good words to you every time, if there's someone appeared to support, they are someone you have to treasure. My case, i have my family members who regularly say those good word and encourage me. Thank you.

Oh btw, i currently watching a drama titled Itsuka Kono Koi wo OPmoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau. It's good. Watching the characters facing their hardship make me feel thankful for where I am. IT's in season now, only up to episode 3 available. Waiting for future episode~

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